How 25 Minute Workouts Works  

Your body adjusts to repetitive training, so it’s important to break up routines. We run our circuits for two weeks at a time. This allows your body to create muscle memory and go from unable, to able, to expert on these movements quickly. Then, once you conquer a microcycle, we shake up the circuit and start something new.

All The Different Ways We Can Train You!

With our 25 Minute Small Group Training program we can train you in 100's of ways! With our team of NYC trainers and instructors we will have an unparalleled variety that is 100% personalized for your group. From strength training, yoga, pilates, boxing, barre and more. We have more then enough variety to keep you motivated and reaching your goals.



We put together workout routines in many different combinations.  The most popular is strength training.  We start clients this way to build a solid foundation.


Bootcamp ​

Our trainers can keep you guessing and challenge you differently at every workout! It's a great way to keep you from getting bored with workouts.



We have Pilates, Yoga and Barre instructors that can help you move better, reduce stress and get you more in tune with your body.

A Better solution for small group training! 

“I developed the most customized and personalized small group fitness classes in NYC.  Now you'll be able to save money, save time and be with friends. All trainers are certified, insured and personally interviewed by me.

Nathaniel W. Oliver

Owner of Type A Training of NYC

3 easy steps to get started

Step 1

Get your details

We have an extensive fitness and health questionnaire that each person in the group fills out. When developing your groups routine we will base them off the questionnaire. 

step 2

meet your trainer

Be confident with our trainers. All our trainers are certified and fully insured fitness professionals. They are also personally vetted by Nathaniel the owner of Type A Training in NYC

step 3

Never Get bored

Every 4 weeks we will re-evaluate your routine and make changes to keep you progressing.  

We Train Out Of The Best Residential & Condo Buildings In Manhattan!

First Workout FREE, If You Don't Like It Get Your Money Back No Questions Asked!

We know you’ll love these workouts so thats why we're going to offer the first workout for FREE and if you don't like the workout for any reason get a full refund back with no questions asked.

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