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How is your online personal training programs different than others?

In quite a few ways! To start we have a large verity of fitness and health professionals. I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and have built a network of experts in strength training, HIIT, yoga, pilates, boxing geared to all ages and fitness levels including kids. I'm 100% confident that I will be able to match you with the perfect trainer - Nathaniel W. Oliver

Is 25 minute workouts good for beginners?

Absolutely! If you’ve never worked out or new to strength training and cardio, 25 Minute workouts is the perfect way to start. With every new client you will have a comprehensive fitness and health assessment. This is how your trainer will develop a customized program that fits you exact needs.

How do I sign up?

Fill out our 25 minute online request form. Once received I will send you a welcome email with the steps to get started.

  1. 1
    Request form completed
  2. 2
    Purchase trial package ($150)
  3. 3
    I match you with your perfect trainer
  4. 4
    Start within 24 hours once a package is bought

Do I need to purchase equipment?

No, there is no need to purchase any equipment until you have had your initial appointment with your trainer. At that time, the trainer will advise you as to what types of equipment to buy.

Examples of equipment the trainer may ask you to use are physio balls, medicine balls, free weights, elastic tubing and jump ropes.

What kind of workouts can I do?

Any kinds of workouts that you would like! Let your coach know what your favorite types of exercise are - whether you’re into HIIT, barre, yoga, weight training, running, swimming, rowing, bootcamp, hiking, biking, or anything else you can think of. Your coach will build your favorites into your plan.

How do you correct form safely?

I started LIVE 25 minute workouts to ensure that all our clients practice the best possible form. Not everything is easy to learn  online. For those who need extra help we do offer "in-person training" as an "add-on".  With our LIVE training it will be much easier correcting vs trying to figure things out on your own with most online programs and software that others use.

Are trainers certified and insured?

Yes, they are all certified and insured. They are also personally hand-picked by Nathaniel and vetted to insure you're getting the best trainers in Manhattan.

Cancellation Policy

As with any professional service we also have a cancellation policy. We request that if you need to cancel that you notify us via “group text” by 6pm prior to the day of your training session or you will get charged the full amount of the session.

What is the best personal training service near me?

How long does it take to see results?

How long does it take to see results?

Should I check by my physician before I start?

Can I do online personal training from anywhere?

Can I switch trainers?

About Our Process

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What's the purchasing process

Normally a new client $150 promo to test things out and see if you think we are a good fit for you.  After this you will be given a few options on what training frequency you would like. We structure payments and workout programs monthly.  The three options are training 1x weekly, 2x weekly or 3x weekly each month,

Something new that is only for NYC residents is we now offer in-person personal training that can be purchased and would be done at the start of each month. 

How do you cancel?

We’d love the opportunity to make things right and improve your experience. If you are having issues or would like to share feedback with someone from our team, please contact us at help@25minuteworkouts.com. 

Can I cancel anytime?

I would hate to see you go! But you may cancel your recurring package by contacting us within 10 days before your next scheduled payment.

Buying the promo on this page you are required to commit to 3 months of training. Although by the fist session you don't think we are a good fit you can cancel and we will give you a full refund.

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