25 Minute Live One To One Online Personal Training

Train with the best NYC trainers live right in your home or private gym. Our elite trainers will give you that individual attention you need, a personalized program tailored to individual goals and structured to be safe and effective.

  • All trainers are vetted, certified & insured
  • 100% customized training program 
  • Train with a trainer 1x, 2x, and 3x weekly
  • Daily support, and accountability

virtual personal training

Programs designed Just For you

Our expert staff of Trainers Specialize in every modality including sports specific, weight loss, strength training, cardio, pilates, yoga, boxing and dance backgrounds! 

No Time To Exercise? Try Our 25 Minute Workouts with a online fitness coach. You'll Work Harder, Not Longer. All Our Routines Are Based Around Interval Training Such As Circuit training, Tabata, HIIT, and more. All Our Routines Are Super Focused On Your Specific Goals and needs!

Virtual Personal Training can be done Anywhere!

All you need is an internet connection and meet for a 25 minute Personal Training session online that provides the same interaction that you would have if it were face to face. If you have equipment that you can incorporate into your training that’s great, but don’t worry if you don’t because all of our trainers are able to train with or without equipment.

Strength & Cardio

Specializing In Quick, Efficient And Injury Free Workouts. Our online personal trainers are all nationally certified and insured. They are ready to create a 100% customized program program that will meet your specific needs and goals.  

Pilates & Yoga

By adding yoga and pilates to your weekly training you will begin to listen to your body and understand the your body. Learn where you are strong or weak, tight or flexible which ultimately help you move better..

Kids Training

We have best online personal trainers to help your child with all forms of physical activity from traditional strength training, yoga, pilates to sports drills and sports specific workouts.

sport specific 

Whether an athlete looking to be at the very top of your game OR you're an adult/kid looking to keep fit and healthy - it always boils down to getting the proper training in the safest and most efficient way. Let our online fitness coaches help you achieve your goals.

For Runners

Find out the must do exercises every runner should do, find out why some muscles are tight in some area and not others and much more. Run, strong, run safe, run injury free.

Nutrition to help
achieve your results

Your meal plans will be designed by our online trainers for weight loss, increased strength and more energy to help you get the most out of your online personal training programs and achieve your health and fitness goals.

Add In-Home Person Training

Keeping track of your new training routine can be tough work and hard for a beginner or just people who want or need the extra accountability each month.  In-home personal training is available at your home, private gym or outdoors

The Benefits Of having an ONLINE Personal Trainer:

  • LIVE workouts, NO taped Videos!
  • Workouts tailored specific for you
  • Real trainers, real time and real results
  • Training for adults, seniors, kids, & athletes 
  • Stay motivated with access to you trainer 24/7!

Unlike pre-taped workout videos, our personal training is live, so the trainer knows exactly what clients are doing, making it easy to correct clients who may be doing an exercise or movement incorrectly or motivate and encourage a client to keep going if he/she needs it.

We Have THE BEST online Personal Trainers In NYC!

"We've Been Serving the NYC area For Over 20 Years and have Over 30 Certified And Insured Personal Trainers and fitness/Health experts That I've Personally Vetted. When A Trainer Goes To Your Home Or Private Gym, You Can Be Confident That You're Getting The Best!"

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  • 100% Customized Training 
  • Choose 2x Or 3x Weekly workouts
  • Must Commit To 3 Months