Fast, Effective & Convenient Workouts In The Privacy Of Your Home Or Private Gym

No time to exercise?  Try our 25 Minute Workouts. You'll work harder, not longer. All our routines are based around  interval training such as Tabata, HIIT, etc. all our routines are super focused on your specific goals.

Not Only are they super convenient but they are 100% customized for your group of friends that you workout with. Workout Routines Change Every 4 Weeks To Keep You Motivated And Prevents You From Getting Bored And Injured by over using muscles months at the time.  Which is the main reasons why people who spin, run or even take the same HIIT classes at gyms quickly find themselves not progressing or worse getting injured

What is 25 Minute Workouts?

25 Minute Workouts was developed for people who are short on time but still want to have a structured workout routine that's affordable.  We also wanted to make it easy for them to be more accountable... so we bring the trainer to them in the privacy of their home or private gym.

A Better solution for small group training! 

“I developed the most customized and personalized small group fitness classes in NYC.  Now you'll be able to save money, save time and be with friends. All trainers are certified, insured and personally interviewed by me.

Nathaniel W. Oliver

Owner of Type A Training of NYC

First Workout FREE, If You Don't Like It Get Your Money Back No Questions Asked!

We know you’ll love these workouts so thats why we're going to offer the first workout for FREE and if you don't like the workout for any reason get a full refund back with no questions asked.

25 Minute Workouts Done
Exclusively in manhattan

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